Drum Art Aluminium Snare

£880.00 Inc of VAT


Handmade using 3mm aluminum. This drum gives a very balanced sound and an excellent response with both sticks and brushes; perfect for all genres of music. This drum has great attack, volume, balance of harmonics and dynamics.
“I’m so comfortable with this snare that I would not change it for the world” (Maurizio Dei Lazzaretti – RAI national Orchestra Italy). 
This 14” drum is equipped with 2.3mm Power Hoops and comes with a Drum Art pro case & key, plus a 5 year warranty.
With the snare drum we expect 4 years warranty.
As provided by the European 2 year standard provided by the retailer and 2 years added by Drum Art.
(The warranty does not cover damage caused by falls, knocks or imperfections of the instrument)


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