Ludwig Questlove Breakbeats – Black Gold Sparkle


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The driving force behind these drums are the 7-ply poplar shells that produce punchy, focused attack with dry, clipped resonance. A 45-degree bearing edge ensures quick, classic shell response, while triple-flanged hoops will endure the best rimshots you can produce.

This shell pack also includes velvet storage bags for a convenient transport option. Additionally, you can use the bags to reduce volume by draping each bag over each drum.
Cymbals and hardware sold separately.

16” x 14” Kick Drum
10” x 7” Tom with auxiliary clamp
13” x 13” Floor Tom
14” x 5” Snare Drum

Features / Specifications:
7-ply hardwood shells
45-degree bearing edge
Compact, mobile design
Bass drum lift
Remo heads
Velvet storage bags


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