Drum Art Olive Snare

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For this snare drum we use a selection of the best single type of olive tree, so as to have the best fibers. The performance of the “Ulivo” oozes excellence with a balanced sound and excellent response with either brushes or sticks.
The Olive snare has a big attack and masses of volume when needed. It’s all topped off with an incredible balance of harmonics in all tuning ranges regardless of the type of drum head used.
The snare comes with 2.3mm Power Hoops (12″, 13″, 14 “); and Die-Cast hoops (14”) on request; Drum Art pro case & tuning key included plus a 5 year guarantee.
With the snaredrum we expect 4 years warranty.
As provided by the European 2 year standard provided by the retailer and 2 years added by Drum Art.
(The warranty does not cover damage caused by falls, knocks or imperfections of the instrument)


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