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The SONOR AQ1 Series are only currently only available in 2 Classic Colours – Piano Black or Piano White.

So, we bought a brand new SONOR AQ1 Piano Black Drum Kit and transformed it into this stunning baby blue shell! The only one available in this colour worldwide! Completely unique to Cariad Custom Drums!

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Armory 6-Piece Studioease Fast Shell Pack in Black Dawn

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Paiste Cymbals 

now available at

Cariad Drum shop!

Paiste Cymbals are designed to keep up to your musical needs. Pasite create cymbals with more potential for variation and versatile application and are continually creating new sounds. Designing more sound and function into individual models and researching and developing methods to bring more satisfying sound to lower priced ranges.

Drum Art snares and sticks made in the heart of Italy available exclusively from Cariad Drum Shop!


Entirely handmade snare drums and drumsticks – made in Italy by experienced craftsmen.Using the most precious wood and employing the most sophisticated techniques. Drum Art is a brand synonymous with the highest quality design and sound.

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A Little Bit About Us!

At Cariad Drum Shop, we try our very best to bring the drumming world to you at the best prices!

Our shop is specialist drum store based in Bridgend, South Wales, UK – where we sell new, pre-loved and reconditioned products.
We are very proud to be direct dealers for drum brands such as Pearl, Ludwig, Ddrum, Mapex, Sonor, UFIP, Paiste, Zildjian, Drum Art and many other fantastic brands.
Cariad Drum Shop also includes refurbishment on drum shells, cymbal repairs, tuition, room hires, and generally all things drums!

We have five available teaching and renting rooms, which are already fully equipped with a drum kit, and all necessities like hardware, cymbals, pedals, thrones etc… We also have a wide range of sticks, teaching books, and other essentials in store.

If you have any inquiries on literally anything, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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