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4 months ago

Good morning.
Busy week ahead in shop and in workshop.
If Mondays stress you out try and tap so.e beats out as soon as you can.
Wise words from Drumeo.

4 months ago

Get playing.

4 months ago
Victor Mendoza "Autumn Leaves"

Percussion reaches every walk of life, every nation on earth, every culture that has every existed so Cariad followers, we all play and enjoy the most used and versatile musical instrument family on ... See more

Victor Mendoza featured with the Eguie Castrillo Big Band at the Mambo Kings Tribute.

4 months ago

Toby was to take this #ddrum kit as soon as his parents complete his sound proof room.
But Toby has joined a band so poor Mam and Dad had to step in early.

1up 2 down. 12",14",16" with 13" snare ... See more

4 months ago
Photos from Cariad Drum Shop's post

The kit that's sold 5 times.
Yes this little baby has sold 5 times but each time a little problem has meant it stayed with us until today.

1st was a couple of buyers but 'The wife' and other bits ... See more

4 months ago

Room available!

4 months ago
Cariad Drum Shop

Getting bigger!!


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4 months ago

These are great!!
Available now but also on website by the weekend.

4 months ago

Shop will shut at 3pm Saturday peeps. I'm going out haha.

4 months ago

Very nice.....on our website soon with a load more!

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