Ufip Experience Blast Extra Dry Crash Cymbals


16″, 18″, 19″ not currently in stock, but available to pre-order now!

20″ in stock!

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A New Concept! Ufip have created the new and explosive sound of the Blast Crashes and Hi-Hats. These cymbals have a contemporary sound for today’s diverse music market. Hand made in Cast Bronze B20, the main design feature of the Blast cymbals is a double hammering process which incorporates both, traditional and new machine hammering procedures. The result is awesome! Bright and explosive, trashy and oriental with a very fast attack and short decay the crashes, full and powerful, loud and extremely dynamic the Hi-Hats. The Blast cymbals fit into all modern music styles and are perfect for Jungle, Drum and Bass and Electro.

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